5 Fun Facts Project

5 Fun Facts Project

I recently updated my about me page and added some fun facts in my profile. It was kind of neat and most of all, fun! Which got me thinking, this could be a good blogging project. :D

Lets skip the usual topics for a while and just talk about random fun stuffs! Specifically, fun facts about each of us. Or facts about yourself that you don’t usually tell people about.

All you have to do is make a post on 5 fun facts about yourself and I’ll compile everything here by linking to your posts. The more random, the better.

Let me start, 5 Fun Facts about myself:

1. Back in high school, I was chubby and fat!

A good chunk of my high school classmates used to tease me for it back then. I just laugh now when I remember how overweight I was! Well, who has the last laugh now? Haha.

2. I was known for the crazy line ‘Oh My!’

This was during my senior year in high school. I was so known for that phrase, they don’t call me by my name but by that phrase! Also, you won’t understand very much why it was so viral, until you actually hear me say it! =]

3. People thought I owned McDonalds!

I once worked part time for McDonalds during my first year in college so that I could have experience if ever I want to run my own successful restaurant. But during that time, customers thought I owned the place since my first name also has the word ‘Mc’. This was actually very funny! Haha.

4. Once went to the mall with only my trunks!

This was in Robinsons, so it was definitely a large mall. Since we were going to the beach, I was already in swimming trunks when we had to stop over the mall to buy new batteries for the camera! Oh, the humiliation!

5. I eat my pizza backwards.

One word, Pizza Hut! Okay, that was two. =]

Final Thoughts:

I hope you like the short fun facts about myself. It’s now time to listen to yours! Either long or short, as long as its fun! Let’s hear them out! :D

By the way, how do you like my new about me page?

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21 Responsesto “5 Fun Facts Project”

  1. Lhurey says:

    I like your new about me page….

  2. eli jon says:

    nice one…oh my! indeed that phrase was very infectious you even had the whole batch say it at once…what?! you don’t own mcdonalds? all this time i thought you did hahaha

  3. monaco says:

    It was the other way around for me, I was reed thin before college! He he.

    And I thought McBilly was just your site’s name!

    BTW, I joined your project and posted some random facts about myself too.

  4. McBilly says:

    Hahaha! Those were the days right? Time flies so fast! =]

    What? You didn’t know? Of course I didn’t own McDonalds. Uncle Henry owns SM which focuses in a different industry! Haha.

  5. McBilly says:

    Haha. We’re the exact opposite when it came to our bodies but we have the same work place! I didn’t know that you also worked for McDonalds. Haha. That’s pretty cool.

    Also, you might have developed your ‘gift’ from too much driving out at night. Haha.

    Added you to the project list Monaco. Thanks for joining. =]

    Lastly, after all this time, you didn’t know my real name was McBilly? Haha.

  6. sylv3rblade says:

    hmm… mahirap mamili..
    I have a lot of weird stuff about me… and I don’t know what to pick as my 5 picks lol

  7. Ambo says:

    I’ll join this too soon! Can’t believe you’re a big fat guy before! E para akong nakatayo sa tabi ng poste nung magkasama tayo hahaha. Nice idea Bro. Keep up!

  8. McBilly says:

    LOL! Demanding! Haha. You can post whatever Sylv. Just make a top 5 list and add several more as bonus items! Hahaha. =]

  9. McBilly says:

    Hahaha! Well that was a looong time ago brother! Thanks Ambo. Looking forward to reading some of your insane fun facts! Haha. =]

  10. dazedblu says:

    hey back on reading this blog, :) Nice random thoughts, maybe I’ll this one :)

    Oh btw regarding the BB, I’ll try to upload a photo in my page :) but tht would be too soon. Hey tht mall-rat is awesome, kind of kewl, lol. At least yew may have tht caught-of attention.

  11. eli jon says:

    but of course your uncle henry =)…btw i also had my 5 fun facts but i did something different at the end i turned it into a game of tag.

  12. monaco says:

    Thanks for adding me Bro.

  13. Petitehye says:

    I was thin in college and petite.. and I still do now. Nice reading your new about page. It’s nice knowing you more.

  14. Timothie Sy says:


    i had fun reading!!…

    and to the skeptics.. it’s all true!!
    hehehe. –this is McBilly’s bro by the way…

    and.. in the about me page..
    – I can twist my tongue vertically with the power of my mind. =] —
    woot?!?!.. you make it sound like telekinesis!..

    i could do that too… hehe
    like brother, like brother… haha!!

  15. Timothie Sy says:

    want another fun fact about McBilly?..

    he once scored a hundred(That’s right.. 100!!) singing through “Magic Sing”[a brand of portable karaoke]

    …and for the record.. the song was chosen at RANDOM!!..

  16. kaTe says:

    hI… I was really shock.. kung bakit ka natalo, ang layo ng lamang mo sa kanila… dont worry.. we will keep on supporting u kc 4 me kw talaga ang winner.. you look so good on stage.(-_-)

  17. kaTe says:

    Ive read ur 5 fun facts about urself…ur really chubby b4 Ive seen some of ur pics…
    Mine: Back during my hi-skul days my teachers & classmates often called me KMU (Kaming Mga Ulila) coz my both parents & Bro leave me….. and I wud just answer them w/ a smile… not knowing I was hurt—

  18. aajao says:

    having this “fun facts” must be good. my blog turns 6 today (march 3rd) and it should be a nice blog anniversary post: fun facts about the author. thanks for the idea. :)

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