Advantages of Premium WordPress Themes and How to Get One for Free!

Advantages of Premium WordPress Themes and How to Get One for Free!

Premium WordPress Themes

With the popularity of the WordPress platform nowadays, a lot of Premium Magazine Style WordPress Themes have emerged. As a web designer myself, I’m a big fan with the idea of selling premium designs. But then again, are you willing to pay for a WordPress theme when you can get a lot of them for free?

Why Go for Premium Themes

As Smashing Magazine puts it, it’s the quality. These themes are made by people that makes design day in and day out. They breathe color contrasting and font typography everyday. In other words, these people know their stuffs.

If you’re going to give me advice on how to make money and you look like you don’t even make money yourself, do you think I’d even consider listening? Some people do blog as a hobby but some do it to make a living, hence the term “Pro-Blogging”.

Naomi shares a very good argument on ProBlogger’s survey that 57% of all his readers either tweaked a free template or designed the blog design by himself.

To my mind, and I freely admit I could be wrong here, when you want to make enough money at something to be considered a


12 Responsesto “Advantages of Premium WordPress Themes and How to Get One for Free!”

  1. Hey,
    Thanks McBilly for the mention. :)

  2. sylv3rblade says:

    ui sumali ka rin ^^

  3. McBilly says:

    Sure thing Rocky. Good luck with the contest! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. McBilly says:

    Yeah. I think it’s really cool. Hehe. Plus, I want to get my hands dirty with those premium wordpress themes. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  5. Ambo says:

    I want the revolution theme! I’m gonna join this too.

  6. McBilly says:

    Yeah! It’s pretty cool, right? Hope we win one of them Ambo! Hehe. Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. rodel says:

    ive tried one of those on my new blog..from other source for free.. its really great but … it’s really hard if your not a techy guy like you kid for you to customize it..hihih.. so i settled for lease appealing nalang for the meantime.. :)..

  8. McBilly says:

    Yeah. I know it’s pretty hard to do it yourself if you’re not really a computer kind of guy. Although it’s fun to play around with the designs. But if you’re really looking into blogging as a business platform, better get yourself a web designer. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. sylv3rblade says:

    It’s either that or he learns it himself. Learning CSS and HTML can lead to “sidelines” though ^^.

  10. Jaypee says:

    WordPress users who get premium themes are usually the ones who are serious about their blog and blogging in general. For those who are blogging just as a hobby or pastime, it’s not practical unless you got the money. :)

    In my case, my skills aren’t good enough to create my own WP theme but only to tweak and customize it that’s why I ended up buying a premium theme.

    You’re right about content being king. But IMO, the design or look of a blog adds value to it and also reveals the blogger’s personality or character. What do you think?

    Anyways, this was a good read! Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. McBilly says:

    Wow. Great decision on buying a premium theme Jaypee. I love your new design! This only shows how serious you are in blogging, I’m sure you’ll be able to get back what you invested in the premium theme in a matter of time.

    The design and look of your blog does add value to your blog. And, like you mentioned, reveals the bloggers personality and character. I’m beginning to know you more already because of your new theme! ๐Ÿ˜€

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