Bench Blackout Underwear and Denim Fashion Show 2008

Bench Blackout Underwear and Denim Fashion Show 2008

Get ready for one of the most highly anticipated fashion show in the country, The Bench Blackout Underwear and Denim. Get ready for some skin.

The Bench fashion show is actually very special because it only happens every two years, and of course, because it involves the big names and who’s who of the Philippine showbiz industry and the Philippine modeling world.

Some of the stars include Richard Gomez with wife Lucy Torres, Richard Gutierrez, Wendell Ramos, Angelica Panganiban, Dingdong Dantes, John Lloyd Cruz and Kim Chiu with Gerald Anderson.

See more Bench backstage pictures here!

Bench Blackout Underwear and Denim Fashion Show

When: 7pm on July 25, 2008
Where: Araneta Coliseum
How: Free Invite from Bench Stores

You can get free invites in the event to watch the hot and sexy who’s who in the country. Here are the guidelines and details how:

1. For every single receipt purchase worth of Bench or Herbench items (excluding Bench Time and sale items) that includes Bench Body underwear or Overhauled / OJ denim, a customer is entitled to a corresponding invitation to the Bench Underwear show:

Every P500 single receipt purchase = 1 General Admission Invitation
Every P800 single receipt purchase = 1 Upper Box B Invitation
Every P1,500 single receipt purchase = 1 Upper Box A Invitation

2. A maximum number of 3 invites per single receipt is allowed, and combinations of invites are allowed.

3. Invitations will be given outright at the counter.

4. Valid only for cash and credit card transactions.

5. Invitations are transferable but not convertible to cash.

6. Bench/ Suyen Corporation and Araneta Coliseum reserve the right to deny entry if ticket bearer is proven to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or displaying misbehavior.

7. Invitations must be exchanged for actual tickets at the Araneta Coliseum ticket booth on the day of the event. LIMITED SEATS ONLY.

8. Promo may not overlap with other existing promos unless specified.

Promo Period: June 25


42 Responsesto “Bench Blackout Underwear and Denim Fashion Show 2008”

  1. Teddy Cabreros says:

    Nice fashion shoots! Gud luck to your Bench show!!!

  2. McBilly says:

    Thanks a lot tito Ted! I’ll definitely share some of my pictures when I get back. :D

  3. […] not updating my blog lately. I’ve been hitting the gym like crazy in preparation for a cool Bench fashion show next month. Yep! I’m flying to Manila for that. It has been awhile since I last visited […]

  4. Best videos says:

    Great shoots… looks good :)

  5. […] I’ll be going to manila next next week for the Bench Blackout fashion show and I’ll only be staying for around a week. I want to take the opportunity to […]

  6. Veecee says:

    Hi! When did Bench made communications w/ you? My officemate also auditioned for this event last May & she was a finalist during the audition, though until now, she’s not yet being contacted by Bench. Do you think, they have the final line up already? Thanks & more power!

  7. McBilly says:

    Hi Veecee. Bench actually announced the final line-up for us about a month ago. Which gives the finalists ample time to trim down or workout at the gym if needed. But then again, I live in Cebu and it might not be the same with models there in Manila.

    About the final line up, I think it’s already done since the show is next week and we already have our itinerary, rehearsal schedules with us.

    More power to you and your officemate too! :D

  8. Veecee says:

    Hi again! How did they announce the whole line up? In Cebu, did they announced it after the auditions? By the way, when will be the rehearsals? Hmmm, many celebrities will certainly be there during these practices… Thanks once again! ^_^

  9. […] online buddy Mac of is coming to Manila next week to attend the Bench Blackout Fashion Show. Mac is actually one of the models of the fashion […]

  10. Anna says:

    I really want to go this event pero hirap makakuha ng ticket, hehehe!

  11. McBilly says:

    You should. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself there. Hehe.

    You only need to buy around P500 worth of Bench items and you already get an invite to the show. Although if you’re really short on cash right now, I’m giving away one ticket. You might be interested. :D

  12. Timoy says:

    Oh yeah! I’m going.. but i’ve got no one to go with.
    Ha ha.!

    I got the upper box A ticket (green gate).
    And I’m going there alone? Alone. Alone!
    No friend.
    No date.
    No relatives.
    No nothing.

    Who am I going to scream with?

    See yah!

  13. […] I wasn’t able to go online last night. Hehe. Anyway, here is the winner for the free Bench Blackout ticket. Congrats to Ambo of Pinoyambisyoso. You lucky son of gun! […]

  14. Charliemax says:

    Ako pala ang Pilot sa Airline susundiin kita Model ng Brief :)LOL. tapos Driver Hatid sa Condo :)

  15. ivan says:

    “The men of provoq”

    BENCH BLACKOUT underwear fashion show on july 25. 08

    you can see this hotest viva hotmen 3rd batch…


  16. Anna says:

    Hi there,

    It will be my first time to attend a Bench Fashion Show and I am really (as in really!) excited! I just want to ask about your #7 item. What do you mean by LIMITED SEATS ONLY? Does it mean hindi pa guaranteed ang seats mo even with the invites? Or first come first served lang ang ibig sabihin nito?

    Hehe..napapraning lang ako. Sorry! Hehehe… I just don’t want anything to stop me from making it to the event.

    Good luck to you on the fashion show!


  17. anyabelle says:

    huhuhu! i should’ve seen this entry! i’m flying in from davao and the plane tickets a done deal. i didn’t know the bench tickets would run out so fast, i asked my friend to buy for us, apparently it was sold out na.

    sigh… is there any other avenue to avail those tickets? i have been going through so many blogs today, sa sobrang kadesperada ko :P

  18. carmeli says:

    the festival mall branch still has some tickets left :)

  19. anyabelle says:

    thanks carmeli! i have to text my friend this one asap! salamat! mwah! :)

  20. McBilly says:

    Hi Anna. Great to know that you’ll be able to watch Bench Blackout this year. Regarding the Limited Seats Only, I’m not totally sure if guaranteed na yung seats mo kapag may invites ka. And because the tickets are all sold out on most branches. I suggest you really come early to get good seats.

    Thanks anna. See you there! Enjoy the show! :D

  21. […] guys. I’m already in Manila and I’m pretty excited for the show. Anyway, I was interviewed in GMA7 Jessica Soho regarding low waist pants and underwear fashion. […]

  22. Romnick says:

    wow… very excited to watch the show…. its very cool yeah…my gosh at the show i see all my favorite’s actor’s & actress’s…………?

  23. chard says:

    hi billy, great that you got to join the elite models in Bench Blackout Denim and Underwaer Show last night.

    ikaw ba itong nasa Pic na ipapakita ko…yung naka-sandong black?

    mukhang ikaw nga…be proud dude.!

  24. chard says:

    hi…great photos!

  25. […] Bench Blackout fever is finally over. It was a huge star studded show filled up with the hottest stars of both ABS-CBN […]

  26. kim sy says:

    hi i like ur pix u look nice

  27. jaydee says:


    the bench blackout is great.. hope there’s another one soon.. good luck!

  28. Don Hasaski says:

    the show was fantastic , the models were quaking the ramp
    thank you for the picposts

  29. Bianca says:

    oh my gosh! i watched the awesome show! it was really really great..seeing steamy and gorgeous hunks!!!

    I got sore throat after that 4 free tickets compliemnts from my bestfriend who works in ABS. a bday gift for me..its the best gift ever!!!

    McBilly,you’re so lucky you’re one of them.Cool! ttyl

  30. lynn lee says:

    wafo tlga ni sam…..chackz..marry me na plz..

  31. lynn lee says:

    sam milby s d hottest man n showbiz…hope kaw na maging husband q

  32. robert says:

    ang cute mo naman with killer smile!

  33. aj says:

    i love u talaga dindong lahat nang may mga boto at laki tite mahal ko.?

  34. […] ng pagmomodelo niya sa Bench Blackout at pagiging isa sa Cosmopolitan 69, abangan natin ang susunod na adventures ni friendly McBilly. […]

  35. jeed says:

    ei billy!
    oh~damn!…ur so HOT!…
    hope to hear from you soon!!

  36. William Rast says:

    Wish I was at this show!

  37. william says:

    thanks for sharing this mate, great show, Will be very aware.

    sam is the hotttest :P

  38. Junski says:

    I love Bench Clothing!!!

  39. Germar Estoque says:

    Nice pHotos…
    add me on ur friendster..

    Thank you!

  40. jeff says:

    wow!! that was amazing.. nag enjoy talaga ako sa panood sa show last night.. chaka kaka inggit mga model dun.. hihi.. cguro sarap ng feeling ng nandun.. ^^

  41. paul says:

    . i think i could be one of the bench male model.

  42. .im very excited to watch the show…. its very cool yeah…my gosh at the show i see all my favorite’s actor’s & actress’s…………?

  43. justine says:

    Hey, guys… it’s really wonderful to met some of the models during the bench block out…
    all set of models are totally amazing…. wanna have some fashion moment? just get my digits 09222990301..

  44. Bench Blackout fever is finally over. It was a huge star studded show filled up with the hottest stars of both ABS-CBN

  45. i love u talaga dindong lahat nang may mga boto at laki tite mahal ko

  46. Pdf Jawapos says:

    I got sore throat after that 4 free tickets compliemnts from my bestfriend who works in ABS. a bday gift for me..its the best gift ever!!!

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