Google Lockdown – Should You Care?

It’s all over the news, well blogging news anyway. Google has dropped one of the biggest PageRank nuke which affected even the big name bloggers like ProBlogger, Andy Beard and Coppyblogger. But it doesn’t stop there, even Forbes Magazine got a drop in its PageRank.

Here is a list of websites that took the PR Hit compiled by Daily Blog Tips:

According to PinoyMoneyTalk, some big name Philippines websites also got affected.

Why would Google do such a thing?

Is it because of paid links and paid reviews? Might it be because Google is changing it’s PageRank Algorithm? Or maybe because of the curse of the 666? What ever the reason is, why the hell should we care?

Google PageRank is not a big factor, traffic is!

Yuga shares an insightful thought on why pagerank shouldn’t matter.

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18 Responsesto “Google Lockdown – Should You Care?”

  1. charles says:

    I agree with you on this “Let’s get back to the basics of making money online, which is to create great contents, gain readership and build your traffic”.
    My PR is still nill (0). :(

  2. McBilly says:

    Why the long face? That’s nothing to be sad about. Hehe. PageRank doesn’t matter anymore. :mrgreen:

  3. AMy says:

    yeah… after all page rank is not what we see it.. hehe
    lets just continue building great content.. and the cash will continue to flow..

  4. Eli says:

    I have had my PR dropped a few months back before all this recent news on the blog world.

    I just hope it wont affect the search ranking of the blogs…

  5. McBilly says:

    Actually, a lot of reliable blogs have confirmed that the PR drop did not affect their search rankings. Which is really good! Better to get a lot of traffic than a green rectangle on the toolbar. :lol:

  6. McBilly says:

    Well said AMy. How’s your make money online sub category going? :mrgreen:

  7. keikun17 says:

    screw the PR, aim for the SERPs :D

  8. McBilly says:

    Haha. Aim for the SERPs we shall. :twisted:

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  10. JC Carvill says:

    I am glad to hear that everyone else wants to get back to basics. I think blogging should be about doing what you can and not being so uptight about page rank…LOL…yeah okay :)

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  13. Adam says:

    All my sites’s PR has gone up.

    However I do now completely ignore it as an SEO Factor, Our main sites gone up from PR2 to PR3 with no organic rank change, sites of our clients have moved from PR0 to PR3 and no organic rank change.

    Over hyped and over rated, Google Page Rank = Captain of the Failboat!

  14. Oh actually our site sorry dropped 2 places on google! Just checked. Although I will add its increased on Yahoo?

    And just to add i guess its a laugh at all the people who pay thousands for links!

  15. My says:

    I have found this post while searching Google and I am glad I found it.I have submitted my site article,directory,blog but i am not getting PR so please let me know what should i do?

  16. ti8678 says:

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  17. C’est la guerre avec Google pour les PR

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  18. Well said AMy. How’s your make money online sub category going?

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  19. tag ipad says:

    Thanks for sharing…I don’t care too much about it, but having a few green bar will still make me feel excited.

  20. Pour moi le page rank n’est pas essentiel. Etre bien placé sur les requêtes est plus interressant.

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  21. Gerry says:

    Interesting article, always tough to try and work out what Google is doing!

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