Instructions to download the Audiobooks:

  • You need to be on a computer.
  • You can’t use your iPhone or iPad to download them.
  • You can listen (stream online) if you’re on your mobile phone but you need computer to download.
  • Once saved on the computer, transfer and sync the mp3 files to your iPhone via iTunes.
  • To download them: Press Right Click on them and click Save link as.. to download them to your computer.


Motivation & Success

1. Zig Ziglar – How to Stay Motivated Developing the Qualities of Success (MP3 FILE SIZE 168MB)

2. Zig Ziglar – Secrets of Closing the Sale (MP3 FILE SIZE 214MB)

3. Brian Tracy – No Excuses! The Power of Self Discipline (MP3 FILE SIZE 229MB)

4. Brian Tracy – How to Manage Your Time (MP3 FILE SIZE 306MB)

5. Stephen Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (ZIP FILE SIZE 370MB)

6. Charles Duhigg – The Power of Habits (ZIP FILE SIZE 622MB)

7. Peter Brown – Make It Stick: The Science of Learning (MP3 FILE SIZE 213MB)