I want to thank the most influential person in my life, the person who is most responsible for honing who I am today and the person who have touched, inspired and helped countless people throughout her life. That person is my mom. Happy happy birthday ma! 😀

Touched by Amy Flourine Sy

One cannot be truly successful by counting all the achievements, the earnings, the net worth and the awards one have garnered. Although, they are indeed important and you have already proven, it is the lives you have touched and influenced along the way that dictates how successful you have become.

Ma, you are humble, inspiring and a true role model. One that lives what she preaches. The best teacher, the best friend and of course, the best mother. I am truly proud to have you as my mother!

I want to thank you for all your sacrifices, the selfless love you have showered upon us and the invaluable foundation in character, values and discipline you have bestowed upon us. I truly cannot be who I am today, if not for you.

You have literally brought out the best in me.

I love you ma! All of us love you. You truly are the best mother a child could ever have and we’re so proud of you! :-*