Heres the photoshoot we did for Cebu Daily News. The concept of the shoot is the future meets with the past. Meaning my futuristic web designs meet with the historical culture of Cebu. Which is why Jose Rizal of the new generation was born! Haha. =]

We had our shoot in the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House in Parian, Cebu City. Many thanks to Mr Orly Cajegas and Mr Gavin Bagares for organizing the shoot. Iste for the awesome shoot. Dexter Bucog for the makeup. And Mr Val Sandiego for his hospitality. Enjoy the photos! πŸ˜€

Jose Rizal of the new generation! Owns a new laptop! =]

Cool vintage look. =]

Jose Rizal stars in a new horror movie. Haha. =]

This one looks like its a poster for a horror movie. Haha.

Looking by the window. =]

Crouching Tiger Hidden Spring. Haha.

This one looks like a shot from Mano Po! Haha.

So what do you think? Which of the shots do you like best? πŸ˜€