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Hi guys! So sorry for not being to update my blog for some time. Yeah, I know. It’s been ages! Haha. Anyway, It was a bit quiet here because I concentrated on my Thesis. (Finally finished it and its way cool!) You can check out what it looks like but I’ll reserve the details of my thesis for another blog post. =)

Anyway, just want to give you guys a heads up. I’m featured in this Months Cosmopolitan Issue, particularly in their Cosmomen 69 Hottest Male Bachelors of 2008. More details inside.

The shot was photographed by Joseph Ong and was taken along the pool area of Waterfront Cebu. The pictorial was fun and literally wet! =)

I took the liberty of scanning some of the centerfolds too which includes Derek Ramsay, Paolo Contis, Jon Avila and Geoff Eigenmann. Enjoy! Hehe.

Final Thoughts:

My favorite shot was the shot of Jon Avila. I think the water splash effect was done perfectly. Anyway, hope you guys like the pictorials. You can still grab some copies of this issue from National Bookstore today. =)

What do you think of the shots? Whos your favorite pose of them all? =)