Don’t Assume You Can’t Learn From Someone Younger Than You

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Never assume you know everything.

And never assume you can’t learn something new from somebody else…

Even if they are newer or younger than you…

Case in point Armando.

He commented on one of our ads basically belittling me for “looking like a child” and questioning “how much could I possibly know”…

Now I don’t know Armando personally…

And he could be amazing at what he does as a mortgage professional (I’m not really sure)

But his reaction tells me everything I need to know about how he thinks.

This is the same mindset that allowed a newcomer like Netflix to single-handedly destroy a gigantic company like Blockbuster

Blockbuster laughed and PASSED UP the chance to buy Netflix for $50 Million dollars

Today Netflix is worth $15 Billion

And blockbuster…? Well we know how that story went. They’re history.

So don’t assume you can’t learn something new…

Especially from someone new or younger than you.

Don’t be like him.

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