Hey guys! Viva Pit Senyor! 😀 Cebu has once again proven that It can host the biggest and grandest festival in the Philippines! Not to mention producing an excellent Miss Cebu 2009. So, how did you guys spend your Sinulog? Mine was a blast but also quite tiring. Hehe.

Anyway, got a text from my friend Karl that I’m in Sunstar Cebu Newspaper today, under the ZUP Youth page. It’s an interview hoping to inspire other youths. If ever you guys get to read it, tell me what you think. Hehe. Hope you enjoy it.

Many thanks to Allan Cuizon for the photo. Dexter Bucog for the makeup and Karl Cabilao for the interview. Enjoy your post Sinulog day! 😀

I’ll post updates on Sinulog in a while.