Sorry for not updating my blog lately. I’ve been hitting the gym like crazy in preparation for a cool Bench fashion show next month. Yep! I’m flying to Manila for that. It has been awhile since I last visited Manila.

Why the lack of updates buddy?

Before anything else, I want to let you guys know that other than gym, I’ve been focusing on my studies and working on our Thesis since I’m graduating this October 2008. I’m currently standing to graduate Summa Cum Laude, so I’m putting a lot of focus on keeping it up. Wish me luck guys. 🙂

Anyway, lets get back to work. I’m gonna post some shots from our photoshoot with Dan Ong. The concept was more of a high fashion shoot. Many thanks to Wenwen Zaspa for our makeup and, of course, all the gals at the set. You were great! 🙂

The next shots are taken by a different photographer with a different style. Photographs taken by Benjie Ordonez of Zee Magazine, most of the poses are jumping in the air shots. It was really pretty cool. 🙂

So what do you think? I hope you like them. Hehe.

Which of the poses you like best? 😀