Bad Person is No Good

The internet is full of opportunities to make money and earn passive income. With these great opportunities, there also comes risk of scams.

Way back before I started this site, I have already been searching for ways to make money on the internet. I even tried enrolling in make easy money programs online, only to find out it was a scam. But I have no regrets because through my years of experience, I have grown and is now more cautious in investing online.

Here are ways to check if a website is indeed legitimate.

Check the Contact Information VS Whois Information

Any decent website would definitely have a contact page with company address and contact numbers. Check the informations using a whois search if they match. Most of the time, fraudulent websites state that their company resides in the US but has a different story when checked in the domain whois.

Check the Age of the Website

A several month old website is more likely to be a scam site, although not all of them are. Because of this uncertainty, I only use the age of domain as an additional information in deciding whether the site is legitimate or not.

Check How Long is the Domain Name Registered

Do a quick domain lookup. Websites that plan to stay long in the business registers their domain names several years in advance. If the domain name is registered for only a year, I’d already have my doubts.

Check the Neighbors of the Website

Do a quick IP search to check the hosting neighbors of the website. Most fraudulent websites are in a shared IP address. If the neighbors sounds fishy or looks spammy, I won’t risk dealing with the site.

Ask Websites Associated with the One You Are Checking

Most people would ask around forums on whether a site could be trusted or not. The problem with this is you are asking for other people’s opinion. Opinions help but doesn’t really answer.

What you want is to contact websites associated with the company like it’s web hosts or site partners. This way, you are asking a person with the knowledge to answer you back with confidence.

Look at Reviews or Customer Feedbacks

This can only be done if the website does have reviews or show customer feedbacks. If not, you can contact the customers personally. Ask the customers about their experience with the company. Did they get paid? How long have they been a member?

It was actually a good thing for me getting scammed for several bucks. At least now, I am more careful when I am dealing with new opportunities.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize that it is good to doubt fishy offers, but let us also be open minded because there really are many genuine opportunities on ways to make money online.

Have you been scammed? I’d like to hear some of your experiences.