Yey! The pics are finally here. =] Sorry sorry for the late update on Mr Cebu. Hehe. I just got the pictures today and I’m excited to post them for you. Anyway, read on for the whole scoop! =]

Before anything else, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for all the support and trust you guys have given me. Thank you thank you very much! For those that still don’t know, I didn’t get the title but I’m very happy and just overwhelmed with the passionate response and support of people before, during and after the show. 😀

Mr Cebu 2008 Coronation Night

The coronation night was held in Waterfront and was hosted by two beautiful ladies, Ms. Angel Aquino and Bb. Pilipinas World Anna Maris Igpit. The stage was top notch with 3 panoramic screens for the video. Alright! On to the flow of the program. =]

Production Number

The show actually started with a very cool video playing on the 3 panoramic screens on the stage. The video being an introduction of the candidates and background of Mr Cebu. And then boom! Production number. =]

Swim Wear Portion

I loved this portion about Mr Cebu because we weren’t wearing skimpy trunks. We wore board shorts which was pretty wholesome. Very important since Mr Cebu aims to search for a role model for the youth. =]

Ne-Yo Segment

This part we danced to the song Closer by Ne-Yo. It was really really cool! =]

Formal Attire

This was the finale. The Formal wear portion where the theme was James Bond. I enjoyed this very much. What do you think of my attire? Is it 007 enough? =]

Mr Cebu Winners

Mr Cebu 2008 is my good friend David Chai Tingalin. 1st Runner up goes to Hans Grogaard. 2nd Runner up to Kurt Agbay. 3rd Runner up to Mariano Dandie Dimataga. And 4th Runner up to Marvin Campaner. A big congratulations guys! You guys deserved it =]

Final Thoughts

I wasn’t able to proceed to the question and answer portion since I was not included in the Top 10. But I’m happy to tell you that I won the People’s Choice Award garnering the most votes online and it’s all because of your undying support! Thanks very much guys! =]

I was listening when they gave the final common question to the top 5 candidates, and it went something like “If given the chance to be the first ever Mr Cebu, what would you do to have an impact on Cebu this year?”. So I was thinking what I would have answered myself, and for me, to really have an impact on Cebu or even the Philippines, we need to create more people who will positively impact on Cebu or even the Philippines. =]

I’d go with what I have talked about in the past which is empowering the youth and investing on themselves first so that they may be channels of blessing for others. As they say, you cannot give what you do not have. Anyway, I’ll reserve this discussion for another detailed blog post. Just watch out for that. =]

Lastly, I really had a great time. It was such a great exposure for me, I’m getting several interviews on newspapers, I’ll also blog about that. A lot of people are also interested in my book and web design services. Thanks very much to my mom and lola who flew here in Cebu just to watch. Also to my mentor Oj Hofer, my manager Danny Booc, the Director Victor Cuenca, Producer Bong Bantilan, Organizer Bong Abella, all the staff of BCB including Mam Mitos and her loving husband, to all my blogger friends, to my classmates here in Cebu and even from Bacolod, friends and to all the passionate supporters. Thank you very much! =]

I really enjoyed being part of Mr Cebu. It was a great learning experience and the people that I have crossed paths with, the vibrant people that I have touched and have been touched along the way are just priceless. That I consider my greatest prize in being part of Mr Cebu. =]

I hope you guys enjoyed it! What was your favorite picture? How do you like the event? 😀