Parkour is an art where participants run along a route attempting to negotiate obstacles in the most efficient way possible using skills such as jumping, climbing or more specific parkour moves.

My first encounter with this art is with the game Mirror’s Edge and I’ve been interested since then. Just yesterday, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the Parkour Traceurs of Cebu for a shoot for MagTV Na. 😀

Parkour as an Art

Parkour from an outsiders view is just like running, dodging obstacles and jumping from point to point. But for those who practice the art, it’s not only the physical aspect but equally with the mental aspect because you develop self-confidence, quick decision making and critical thinking which you can apply into your daily lives.

The moves were awesome and I enjoyed a lot looking at these guys move from point A to point B in a very “stylish” way. But most often, Parkour is practiced without spectators and is not considered to a performance. Although, it’s already gaining popularity especially here in the Philippines where it’s used in Movies or TV Commercials.

They Call Themselves Parkour Sugbo

Parkour Sugbo is the group of Traceurs here in Cebu. It was founded by Sol who is an avid Parkour tracuer and they conduct free parkour sessions almost every week.

In the second picture, it’s Sol, Dale, Vanz, Barbie, Me, Kyle, Red, Jay and Nico. You can get to know more about them in MagTV Na this Oct 18. I’m sure you guys will love it.

Dangerous and Risky Sport?

Well, yes and no. First of all, yes it is dangerous and risky but every sport does have their share of risks. And no because Parkour is NOT considered as a sport. It’s more of an art.

As for beginners who would want to learn Parkour, Sol, Jay and their group shares that the very first thing to learn is the breakfalling which is falling and rolling to the ground as to break your fall and lessen the impact of your fall. These are just some of the things they shared. You can see a lot more of their moves in our feature in MagTV this Oct 18, 2009. 😀

Some Behind the Scene Shots

Final Thoughts:

There you have guys. I also did some Parkour moves of my own! Hahaha All thanks to Sol and his group. They taught me some very basic moves. Haha.

If you guys are interested to try Parkour, post your names here and I can refer you to Sol. They conduct free sessions and are open to new members. Thanks again guys!

Special thanks to Mr Ricky Ballesteros, executive director of Cebu City Sports Complex, for the venue. Photo credit goes to the sister of Barbie, Lyka. Thanks a lot. =]

Check out MagTV Na this October 18 for the full details of our interview. You will also see some of my own parkour moves. Hahaha 😀