Surprise! The moon is smiling! 😀 For those whom I texted about this phenomenon but wasn’t able to look at the moon, here’s a picture! See? I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s literally smiling right? Hehe =]

Before I ever had an idea that last night was a special night, I just happen to look at the moon and saw it smiling back at me! And I just went, “Wow. That’s cool.” =] But later I found out that it only happens after every 48 years! Cool! =]

This phenomenon is explained clearly by Pinoyambisyoso.

Astronomers say Venus and Jupiter and a crescent moon will form a smiley face tonight, with the planets forming the eyes and the moon forming the mouth. Venus and Jupiter have appeared side by side in the evening sky over the last week or so, but tonight will be the best night to see the