About McBilly Sy

Hi, my name is McBilly.

I’m a digital marketer, photographer based in New York City and founder of Amplify Metrics. I believe in bootstap economics and very passionate about entrepreneurship. With today’s technology, you are not limited to the confines of your cubicle so I implore you to pursue your dreams.

I am very passionate about self improvement, human psychology, lifestyle hacking and photography. I have worked in quite a number of different industries including the tech sector, business and travel industry hosting a travel show in the Philippines. Quite interesting to be able to experience and learn from different environments.

On my free time, I love to read books, travel and share my experiences. I’m very passionate about helping people find clarity in their lives, build long lasting relationships and live a healthy lifestyle.

I believe we all want to be happy and just live life to the fullest.

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