Featured As A Full Page Cover Story In Sunstar Bacolod!

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Humbled to be on the front page and for Good Vibe Squad Marketing be featured as a full page cover story in SunStar Bacolod which is a highly acclaimed newspaper here in the Philippines!

This was just released in today’s issue so for my friends here locally, grab a Sunstar newspaper today and read our full story!

I hope our story inspires you. I shared our humble beginnings, strategies that helped us grow exponentially and intimate details when I was starting out in my entrepreneurial journey.

The feature also highlights our partnership with the city for expansions locally and our recent outreach activity with Kalipay.org who helps abused and disadvantaged kids. This is an unfortunate reality that happens every day. This selfless organization saves kids who are in abusive and dangerous situations (some sexually abused) and puts them in a safe environment with shelter, food and education. They are an amazing organization and we’re grateful to be able to partner with them to help these kids.

Thank you for sharing our story Carla Canet! Preston and I are grateful to be in a position where we’re able to have the resources to give back and make even more impacts to our communities.

More announcements soon!

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