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Unveiling our New Good Vibe Squad Marketing office and call center

Throughout my journey of immigrating to the United States, and creating a life for myself and my family; Building businesses and working to grow as a person and a leader – there’s always been a “connection to home” that is hard to convey to those who haven’t left everything they know for a new land of opportunity.

When Preston Schmidli and I started building Good Vibe Squad Marketing, it was important to me that we do so in a way that provides jobs to highly skilled people I love and know back at home. Preston was in full agreement and support to this, as a person who always wanted to visit the Philippines – it would one day give him an excuse to visit after all.

So early on in the development of GVS, we started to build a team of rockstars in Bacolod City, my hometown when I lived in the Philippines.

Over the years, that team has grown quite a bit to a total team of 30 people, and we have been developing the office here to support them. I didn’t really realize how wonderful it is, but as I arrived at the office that we have collaborated on from the other side of the planet – I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude, proud of what we have created.

Our team here is so synergetic, fun, and caring for each other… They all embody our core values.

The power of proximity for a team is so real it’s undeniable. The ability to share a common goal, in a common space, and do uncommon things against seemingly impossible odds at times… It’s a powerful experience.

I love the journey. And if you’re already on a journey like this for yourself, or wanting to be – keep blazing that path. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but there is something undeniably special in the sense of accomplishment that comes from making payroll to a team that you respect, love and appreciate.

I am grateful that I have been able to build a life in the United States, but more so that I can still be involved in the lives of those who helped me become who I am – and contribute to the city that raised me.

Cheers to everyone on our team, we’re lucky to have you.

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