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It’s amazing seeing the reality and parallels of success no matter what industry you are in.

Case in point. Let me introduce you to two brilliant people that we have had the pleasure of really getting to know who continue to give and live by excellence in all areas of their lives.

Meet Mark Joyner and Amanda Landers-Bosh.

Mark is a brilliant inventor, best selling author, innovator and quite frankly, the man needs no introduction. He invented the first ever tracking pixel even before Google or Facebook created their pixels. He also created the idea of the eBook. Has built over 30+ companies and who Russell Brunson really credits to be his first mentor who has profoundly transformed his life.

Amanda is a brilliant mortgage wealth advisor who really puts her borrowers first before herself. And by focusing on giving first, she has dramatically transformed her own life experiencing massive growth in her business.

When we first started working together back in 2018, Amanda was ranked #350+ in her company and by working together, she was able to win President’s club that first year. 

Now after 4 years of working together, she’s been able to substantially grow her business and recently started at a new company Union Home Mortgage!

She had started at rank # 350+ four years ago and most recently rank #9 in the whole company and even more powerful ranking #2 woman originator in the WHOLE company!

Now the business growth is awesome, but even more powerful is that Amanda never sacrifices her family time. Always being present in her children’s lives, her daughter Miranda is a multi-awarded dancer and her son is a multi-awarded wrestler.

It’s incredible seeing the parallels of success in two very different industries.

They were both keynote speakers, Mark spoke yesterday here at Funnel Hacking Live and Amanda spoke at our Lendsetter Mastermind just this past weekend.

But the one thing that really struck me was that even though both of them came as speakers, they both took SO MANY NOTES. And they were 100% present in ALL the sessions learning as much as they can and implementing!

I’m not even exaggerating. Amanda flew in with her loan partner Tricia Ortega Bruggeman and they were both asking questions and taking so many notes. Alternatively, there was a session that Preston and I wanted to get food real quick and Mark even texted us that he’ll skip food because he didn’t want to miss anything in the session.

It’s easy to talk about it but it’s another thing to live it. This is the character of a true leader. Constant obsession for growth and learning.

Another parallel that I’ve personally seen is that both of them truly live with an abundance mindset.

I can’t tell you how many people ask Amanda’s review about our service in Good Vibe Squad Marketing and how many people she’s referred to our business. Even loan originators in her “market” that one would think are “competitors”.

The truth is our biggest competition isn’t out there. There is so much business to be had no matter what industry you’re in.

Our biggest competition is ourselves.

How can I compete and become better everyday and through that process of getting better, impact other people.

It’s a constant battle of doing things that we don’t want to do. Managing emotions because things will go wrong. And figuring out solutions that we don’t even know the problems to.

This is the reality of success.

Keep competing and constantly get better everyday.

We got this!

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