First-Ever Good Vibe Squad Retreat!

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Feeling exhilarated coming off our first ever Good Vibe Squad Marketing team retreat

When Preston and I were planning for what we wanted to accomplish in our Good Vibe Squad retreat, we had to ask ourselves why we were doing it in the first place… and our answer was unanimous.

This retreat is for our team. Our core. Our family.

It’s honestly crazy looking back where we started and now seeing how much we’ve grown team wise and the amount of direct impact our team consistently has with the lives of our clients.

We had two objectives for this retreat:

  1. Strengthen and deepen the bonds of our team
  2. Charge together towards a unified vision

This weekend was an incredible experience accomplishing those objectives and even more so getting to know every single one on a personal level beyond the zoom calls

I feel so blessed and privileged to be surrounded by amazing people who all live by the same unshakeable values and principles

We really appreciate the trust guys, seriously

We know it wasn’t easy leaving your kids and families for the weekend and flying thousands of miles to be with us this weekend. Especially with some team members being their first time flying on an airplane.

A lot of first time experiences happened this weekend. A lot of comfort zones were broken. A lot of limiting beliefs were shattered and a lot of new powerful beliefs were formed.

I’m so PROUD of what we all went through this weekend together!

Glad everybody is safely back at home! We absolutely love you guys!

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