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This was extra special for me…

Not a lot of people know this about me but before moving here to the US, I used to work as a TV Host for the biggest television and media network in the Philippines called ABS-CBN (think ABC, NBC or Fox here in the US)

Found some of my really old photos of that phase of my life here.

That experience was what got me into learning everything about content production both from the perspective of on-camera talent and also behind the camera which is what ultimately made me fall in love with the art of storytelling through photography and videography.

And as business owners and entrepreneurs, one of the biggest skill sets that you can master to enhance your marketing and sales is telling stories.

So as Preston Schmidli and I continue to pour into our clients at Good Vibe Squad Marketing, we want to continue to innovate and push the bounds. And innovation means we have to learn from the best in the industry.

So yesterday we did.

It was extra special for us as yesterday was the first time we experienced Hollywood magic first hand being on a real Hollywood set. Seeing how an empty room can be converted to as what they say in the business… movie magic.

It’s even more special working with and learning directly from Hollywood producer, director and legend Demian Lichtenstein. Thank you for the trust and sharing your expertise and experience with us Demian.

From learning how to extract stories, transforming a script to storyboarding and translating it to the camera for the viewer. This has always been the best way for us to learn is to dive into the deep end and it’s been fascinating seeing how all the pre-production, extraction and post-production magic happens.

It’s been so fascinating to see.

We’re very excited to pour everything that we learn towards helping our clients in Good Vibe Squad more with brand marketing which is a completely different beast compared to direct response lead generation (which we are currently dominating). More announcements coming soon.

For now, we have more shoots and first time experiences happening this week. So wish us good luck and good vibes. I’m so excited for it!

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