When You Try To Be Everything For Everyone

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This is why most people fail

People. Just. Lack. Focus. Period.

I have to admit.. I fell into this trap myself before

We created a marketing and consulting agency Good Vibe Squad Marketing helping loan officers

And once we started seeing some success with our clients starting to get results…

We then decided… to also start a software company for a completely different industry helping insurance agents.

Now. This wasn’t a bad idea at that time

I still truly believe in both our company’s mission

However, I would be doing a DISSERVICE to BOTH if I still tried to do both (at the same time)

It’s just NOT possible if I have to live in integrity with my core values

That’s why Preston and I decided to step down and sell our equity in our software company and ONLY focus on solving the problems of the mortgage industry.


Growing a business isn’t just marketing,

It’s not just sales or automation.

It isn’t just about generating leads either.

There’s so much more complexity involved.

You have to figure out your marketing message

You need to align it with a replicable sales process

You need to build automated systems so it’s actually scalable

It needs to be a machine that is running even if you’re out sick or traveling

You need to figure out an amazing onboarding process to make sure your clients get activated

You need to make sure your customers are successful and actually get what you originally sold them on and so much more.

If you try to do all of these by yourself. You’re going to have a bad time. Not impossible. But highly improbable.

And you can successfully do all of them but you’re most likely going to be mediocre at best.

It just doesn’t work that way

Our attention is limited and successful people know that to maximize your output, you need to FOCUS and have a clear direction of what you’re trying to achieve

You don’t do that willy dallying across different objectives.

So I want to challenge you…

Are you trying to be everything for everyone?


Are you the best at your craft and work with other people who are the best at their craft?

You can’t do it alone.

So do it together.

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